Below is a list of all of the ministries that we offer here at Pentecostal City Church. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when visiting. Fellowship and unity are essential for a healthy, growing church family.


"Train up child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6   


Children's ministries are an essential and exciting part of our church. Our objective is to reach the hearts of children, (City Kids) by teaching Godly, Bible-based principles. Our classes are divided up into 5 specific age groups to ensure we are connecting with them at their appropriate level.


Sunday School: Every Sunday morning, our experienced, talented Sunday School team works hard teaching Bible lessons, incorporating games and preparing crafts to help make learning exciting and fun. There are numerous opportunities all month long to participate and win prizes during our family-focused Sunday morning services.

Power Hour: Wednesday night Power Hour is a breakout session set aside for City Kids ages 5-11. We have inspiring Bible-based themes that teach a more in-depth understanding of the Plan of Salvation and Godly principles. We incorporate skits, puppets, upbeat worship, games and crafts to create an energetic environment. Snacks and drinks are provided.

Other Fun Activities: Mother’s Day Presentation, Father’s Day Presentation, City Kids Choir, Sunday School at the Park, Harvest Fest and an Annual Christmas Program.


The goal of City Youth is to share the Gospel of Jesus by living an anointed, apostolic lifestyle. It is our mission to assist a thriving, unified group of young people to find their purpose and use their talents for God. We offer a balanced range of spiritual and recreational activies for ages 12-18. We minister to this generation not only through biblical teaching and engaging lessons that deal with today's issues, but also through fun events and outings. The most important thing our youth can do is stay active, and continue a personal relationship with their Saviour outside the walls of our church.


Youth Connect: Held throughout the month on Friday's, Youth Connect includes recreational activities, youth services, and outreach to the community of El Monte. 


Other Fun Activities: We host outings, such as bonfires, hikes, youth services and socials all year around Southern California. We are passionate about raising funds, and supporting missionaries through a program called Sheaves For Christ. We enjoy fellowshipping with other youth groups within the SoCal district of the UPCI. Click here for more information about our district youth events. 




PCC has a dynamic, annointed music team that offers a range of musical styles from Contemporary and Gospel, to Spanish. Of course, the best way to experience the presence of God through music is to visit one of our services live!  Click here to view some clips from our worship team.


The members of our music team strive to create an environment where the congregation of our church can be led into the presence of God through heartfelt praise and worship. Visitors and members alike will experience a time of uplifting and life-changing moments preparing their hearts to receive the preached Word of God. 


Our goal is to seek out and develop musical talents and to encourage the use of those talents to bring together singing groups, praise teams, choirs and musicians in unity and devotion to God so that an annoited worship experience can be accomplished with excellence.


Dierected by Jonathan Axtell and his wife, Hannah.The goal of Guest Ministries is to ensure that you feel welcome and a part of our family. You will be greeted with a warm smile, handshake and receive a complimentary gift bag upon your first visit! We offer many guest related functions to serve our community, such as BBQ’s, recreation, in home prayer, and more. We also offer free bible studies! 


When visiting, please look to Jonathan or Hannah and their incredible team of greeters and ushers for any needs that you may have. We'd love to connect with you soon and are happy to serve you!


Spanish is the second most common language in North America after English. The City of El Monte consists of 69% hispanic population. We come together each service to worship as ONE congregation in unity, and we embrace Spanish speaking members by offering a number of activities taylored specifically to them. 

  • State of the Art Translation: Offered each and every service.
  • Spanish Worship Songs:  Integrated into every song service.
  • Spanish Services: Every Sunday morning at 10:30am.
  • In Home Prayer: This is where our Spanish congregation can meet together once per quarter to seek God in a special setting.


Pastor and Sis. Cupoli are the founders of El Monte Christian Academy. Their burden for this labor of love stemmed from a provoking thought that their children would be apart of a Godless education system without morals or Christian Family Values. In 1981 the first Christian School opened in El Monte molding and guiding not only their children, but whomever was ready for the same values and ideals. 

We have a strict policy of accepting children that want to excel and uphold these values and ideals. To read more about our school, rates and curriculum on our E.M.C.A. page, click here​​.


There is something special about uniting together in one mind and one accord. As a church, we believe in the power of prayer.

  • 5 AM prayer - Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Thursday Evening Prayer - At 7:00 PM in our Prayer Room on the first floor of the Education Building.
  • Revival Prayer Chain - 1 per quarter
  • Saturday Morning Prayer - Every Saturday at 9:30am, our church is open for prayer.

If you are in need of special prayer, submit a prayer request.


Our church is dedicated to sharing the Word of God with all who are hungry. We have numerous Bible Studies during the week to accommodate your schedule.  


If you would like to receive a bible study, please fill out this form.