Pentecostal City Church (PCC) is an exciting, growing, multi-cultural church that serves the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles within the SoCal District of the United Pentecostal Church International. Our mission is to evangelize and proclaim a message of hope. Jesus Christ came to earth "to seek and save the lost" (Luke 19:10). He established His church in order to continue this same mission. It is through the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that every life can find purpose—living in right relationship with God and others. 


Pastor Cupoli and his family came to Southern California in January, 1977, with a vision and burden to build a church that would offer an authentic Apostolic experience like unto the day of Pentecost.    

Our direct focus is to reach the greater Los Angeles area. Whether it is through our preaching, bible studies or missionary funding, PCC strives to share the power of the Acts 2:38 message through the death, burial and resurection of Jesus Christ. It is our mission to introduce individuals to Jesus by teaching the application of the gospel, which begins with having faith, continues with repentance and ends in baptism in Jesus' name. We want as many people filled with the Holy Spirit and baptised as possible in this end time generation!


We strongly believe that the Bible is a blueprint for how we should live. Meditating on God's word daily equips us to follow the path He has set before us. It is through the living Word of God that lives are changed and chains are broken. 


To find ourselves, we must first find God. He has a specific plan of salvation that we strive to follow. We understand that all fall short of His glory, but that through prayer, fasting, and Bible reading we can build a personal relationship and daily walk with Him. 


God calls us to stay connected to the body of Christ through love and fellowship with one another. If we continue to reach out to the lost and broken, and extend grace, God will bless our efforts and bring a revival.



Jonathan Cupoli

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jonathan Cupoli came to the Los Angeles area in the early 1970’s. He had been faithfully assisting a near by Pastor when God led him to take the El Monte church in 1977 at the age of 26. At the time, the church had 2 faithful families, but quickly grew into the thriving, revival church it is today. 

He has now faithfully served as the lead pastor at UPCEM for 39 years. His wife and 3 children have played a primary role in ministry, and even now continue to serve with a burden and passion for people. He ministers with humor and preaches in such a way that people can easily understand and apply God’s Word to their everyday lives. Pastor Cupoli has created a culture of giving at UPCEM and pledges to give more away from his church year over year. In addition, he also serves as a presbyter for section 4 in the SoCal district of the UPCI. We are privilaged to have such a wisdom filled and consistent man of God.

A few of his hobbies include hiking, mountain biking and playing raquetball with friends and other ministers. Click here for Pastor's welcome message.

Nathan & Brenda Cupoli

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Nathan was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, where he was groomed in Ministry by his parents. Nathan received his call to ministry from God at a young age, and in-turn dedicated his life to Christ as a faithful servant and minister of the Gospel. He preaches and teaches a “Kingdom” mentality which is inclusive of all regardless of cultural background or social standing. Nathan is passionate about serving and leading others to a more abundant life in Christ. In 2002, Nathan married his childhood “sweetheart”, Brenda; God has blessed them with three beautiful children.

Brenda was also trained in Ministry as a youth by her Pastor’s wife, Berni Cupoli. It was clear that Brenda possessed a servant’s heart and a love for God. While she was raised in an unstable home, God used that environment to prepare her for a ministry that would change the direction of those who are in similar circumstances. She is highly anointed, and used by God through her talents, including worship leader, administrator at El Monte Christian Acadamy, and church secretary.

Sandra Castro

Children's Ministries Director

Albert & Pamela Vega

Music Directors

There’s a statement you will hear Albert say often that resonates throughout his ministry: “Giving God praise, one note at a time. Playing skillfully to achieve excellence.” Albert is a gifted leader and musician who has been called to minister at conferences and churches throughout California. His wife Pamela assists him as a worship leader, song writer and vocal coach. She is also a Sunday School teacher, and major support in graphic design and media at our church.

Albert and Pamela originally joined our staff in 1990 where they served as Music Directors until 2001. After returning from Texas in 2011, they resumed their role and continue to lead a talented group of musicians, worship leaders and singers and also host an annual Concert (Gospel Fest​​) drawing talents from all over Southern California.

Ricky & Roxanne Pride

Youth Leaders

Ricky is a third generation Pentecostal out of UPCEM. After years of serving as assistant youth leader, he has taken on a greater role with his wife Roxanne as youth leader in 2016.

Growing up in the youth group was the most memorable time in Ricky's life. Going to youth camps, conventions, and enjoying the fellowship of other Christian students were true landmarks. It is Ricky's goal, along with his wife, to lead the youth department to a revival, help students have the same landmark experiences as he did, inspire them to maintain their walk with God, and get them to heaven. 

Ricky and Roxanne are faithful servants who also enjoy being a part of the worship team, media ministry and Sunday School department.

Jonathan Axtell

Guest Services Director

Jonathan recently transferred to our church in 2014 and now serves the members and visitors of UPCEM as a committed guest services director. He has a deep burden for winning souls and helping people discover and use their talents for God. It is his goal to provide a welcoming place to connect, worship and grow. He is also commited to making your experience at our church one filled with God’s presence and love. Jonathan, along with his incredible staff of greeters and ushers are here to assist in whatever your need may be when arriving at our church. When you come through the doors, it should feel like home.

Jonathan serves in many other capacities, including Lead Drummer, Media Director and Sunday School promotions.


"I started coming to PCC 3 years ago. I had suffered from anxiety, severe depression, and suicidal tendencies since childhood.I was desperate for a solution to my misery. Jesus was and is that solution. I chose to follow Him and His word and it's made such a difference in my life. The Lord has delivered me from depression and anxiety! Since then I have become active on the praise team as well as in youth ministry. This church made me feel welcome from the very beginning and Sis. Cupoli had a big hand in that. She was an encouraging, loving woman. It was at PCC that I had my first personal experience with God. I'm excited for what God has in store for my life."

Roxanne Pride